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Malotova 5614 
760 01 Zlín
Czech Republic
Phone/Fax: +420 577 522 566 

Welcome to the website of Z STYLE CZ a.s.

Z-Style CZ a.s. develops, produces and distributes work and safety footwear of own brands BENNON and ADAMANT, work and free time footwear MOLEDA, and rubber footwear and supplementary products.

Z-Style CZ continues in the Zlin shoemaking tradition and specializes in the development and distribution of work and safety footwear of own brands BENNON and ADAMANT which, considering its quality and product range, reflect the current situation in the market of work and safety footwear in the Czech Republic. Our product range also includes free time footwear of own brands.

The history of the company started at the beginning of 2009 in Zlin when Z-STYLE CZ a.s. was established as a completely Czech capital joint stock company. Its business activities include not only the distribution of work and safety footwear, but it also provides comprehensive consulting services in the shoe industry.

The goal Z-Style CZ a.s. is to provide its customers with work and safety footwear as well as free time footwear manufactured by using modern materials and technologies which ensure essential protection and wearing comfort for the users and which also respect their price requirements.

The workers of Z-Style CZ a.s. follow the principles of professionalism, responsibility and continual effort in the improvement of their products and services. The building of long-term business relations based on mutual trust and fair approach on both sides is underlined by the company Code of Conduct.